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Tax Strategies, Preparation, Consultation,  Filing and Financial Reporting 

We offer information on entity formation  and taxation and  suggested tax-savings opportunities that clients can implement immediately. Tax compliance and Financial reporting is a demand for all business owners. We strive to relieve this burden for our clients. We can assist in planning,  preparing, and filing your taxes  depending on your  needs and as described in our Tax Compliance and Filing Services and International Taxation Services lists below. We also offer a variety of other accounting services and certified financial statements. We will assist you with local, state & national tax laws, compliance, & reporting.

a. Review , Compilation  and Audited Reports available.
b. Annual, Quarterly or Monthly Financial Reporting.
c. Certified Financial Statements.
d. Bank Loan Application  and Compliance Consultation and Preparation.
e. Shareholder Reporting .
f. Budget Preparation  and  Implementation.
g. Agreed Upon Procedures Reports
h. Prospective Financials 
i.  Presentation  and overview of financial reports
j.  QuickBooks financial and software integration support . 
k. Budget to Actual Financial Reports
l.  Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, and Cash Flow Reports
m. Agreed Upon Procedures Report for State Schools Compliance Verification.

Financial Management with QuickBooks Software has advanced significantly due to syncing technology. We can assist you in self management with this most popular small business accounting software. Our consultation services can guide you in developing the chart of accounts, setting up accounts receivables and payables, cost of goods, budgets, bank reconcilliations, and financial reports you can depend on.  


Our INCOME TAX, Accounting, and consulting  Services

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Business Strategies 

We provide valuable guidance for new business start-ups. We provide assistance to national and international clients with tax planning, licensing,  consultation services, and banking strategies for our clients' business operations through every stage of a company's growth. 

Accounting Services and Certified Financial Statements

Compiled, Reviewed, and Audited Financial Statements . 

We compliment our tax department by offering accounting and financial services that can be self implemented by the client or supported by our certified accounting firm.

Tax Compliance, Consultation and Filing Services
a.  Federal personal, corporate, partnership, estate, and LLC related income tax.
b. Multi-state personal, corporate, partnership, estate, and LLC income taxes.
c. Multi-state and Local municipality sales tax, tourist tax, and resort tax registration and filing
d. Taxation of individuals in year of demise and transition into estate and trust accounting.
e. Tax planning and consultation, LLC & other Entity formation and guidance
f.  IRS and FDR representation for audits and managing correspondence.
g. Payroll accountability, computation, consultation and compliance 
h. Local Miami Beach business Licensing and required tax registrations.

Consutation and Compliance for International Clients
a. Tax planning and guidance for US business start-ups
b. LLC formation and guidance for non resident alien foreign partners
c. Taxation and withholding of foreign partners and non resident aliens
d. Foreign Tax Credit and Foreign exclusion issues
e. Taxation of US citizens living abroad 
f.  Application for Withholding Certificate and IRS refund for Sale of Real Property
g. Filing of non resident tax return with request for refund
h. Entity formation issues and planning for foreign investors

Local, State and National  Taxation and Accounting Services Integration with International Tax and Accounting Requirements