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We Thrive on your success! Throughout the years we have helped many businesses grow to meet their fullest potential.

We have developed a unique knowledge or better said, the "tricks of the trade" that not only training but true experience can bring to your business and in turn your own personal portfolio. The bottom line is: your business goals, tax compliance,  and your entire financial future is not always a black and white situation. We can offer you personally designed accounting and tax services of a large costly CPA firm at a fraction of the cost.  

We say, "A Happy Client is a Happy Day!"



​​​​Chayim Kessler and his wife, Michelle,  manage the firm with an exceptional accounting staff  and stay personally involved with each client the firm services. They remain on the cutting edge of income tax  and financial trends staying well informed and continually adapting to the ever changing world of income tax and accounting. They use advanced technologies to ensure up to the date financial and income tax information. This allows them to respond quickly and give you the most relevant financial information and perspectives.

MIAMIBEACHCPA LLC, services individuals, estates and trusts, and businesses in a variety of areas, to include, retail, wholesale, real estate, import/export, transportation, medical, advertising, restaurants, condominiums, hotels and more....

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INCOME TAX & Accounting

​​Chayim Kessler, CPA, founder and managing member, is a graduate of Northwestern University and received a masters of  accounting degree from Florida International University.  His family has been involved in the growth of South Florida since 1937.

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